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Brand Interview

Lawrencia Glasco-Mahone was born in Wisconsin but raised in Georgia. She spent the majority of her life in Atlanta, GA and surrounding cities. In her early childhood, Lawrencia loved to go to the library to color and read. One of her favorite items to craft was bookmarks out of paper. Art was always a hobby for Lawrencia throughout her entire life.

In 2019 Lawrencia graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor of Science In Psychology. After college Lawrencia realized that she chose Psychology because she wanted to help people but had no interest in the extensive schooling to be a therapist. She eventually discovered art therapy but couldn’t afford the prerequisite classes needed for an Art Therapy Masters program. Lawrencia finally decided to pursue a Masters of Business Administration and started a non successful art business. Feeling defeated, art was no longer a business for Lawrencia just a hobby.


When something is a calling it never leaves your soul. Lawrencia’s calling formed Art Enough LLC: she has the vision to uplift the community through art. Her purpose is to show that art is more than a hobby. Art can be empowering, educational, and therapeutic for all ages. Do you (he)art enough?

Empowerment Through Art

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Welcome To Art Enough-

An comunnity of empowerment through Art, Reading, and Writting

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