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Empowerment, Education, and Relaxation Through Art


Our #1 seller Affirmation coloring books are not only a fun and creative way to express oneself, but they also provide numerous educational, empowering, and relaxing benefits. Firstly, the act of coloring can help improve focus, concentration, and fine motor skills. Secondly, the positive affirmations included in the coloring books can help promote self-esteem, confidence, and a growth mindset. Lastly, the act of coloring itself can be incredibly relaxing and meditative, promoting mindfulness and reducing stress levels. Overall, affirmation coloring books are a wonderful tool for both children and adults alike to promote self-care, personal growth, and emotional well-being.

Welcome to Art Enough, where creativity, self-care, and growth unite! Our goal is to empower people of all ages to express themselves through art, whether it's reading, writing, speaking, or coloring.

We're excited to offer a variety of products for everyone. Our coloring books and activity guides are filled with positive messages and inspiring pictures that boost self-esteem, mindfulness, and personal development. We also have planners, digital downloads, and more.

Check out our Facebook page for tips on expressing creativity through art. Plus, on Instagram (@artismorethanenough), we share entrepreneur and creative tips to inspire you further. Join us on this journey of creativity and empowerment at Art Enough!

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Meet The CEO

Lawrencia Glasco-Mahone, born in Wisconsin but raised in Georgia, has had a lifelong passion for art. In 2019, Lawrencia graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. However, after realizing her interest in helping people could be pursued through art therapy, she found the prerequisite classes too expensive. After a failed attempt at an art business, Lawrencia pursued an MBA degree, but her calling to uplift the community through art never left her soul. She founded Art Enough LLC to show that art can be more than just a hobby, but also educational, empowering and therapeutic.

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